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  • April M Strauss

Charting the Future of Gaming Law: Insights from Stanford's “More Than Just A Game”

I had the incredible opportunity today to attend "More Than Just A Game,” a collaboration of Stanford Law School and Queen Mary  University of London Centre for Commercial Studies (a plug for my LLM alma mater!). Held at Stanford Law School, the event brought together leading legal minds in the industry along with an international community of legal researchers, professors, and policymakers for a lively conference on Games and Interactive Entertainment Law.

The conference dove into pressing issues facing the gaming industry today, including privacy, player participation, trust and safety, antitrust, and the impact of generative AI. The event was not only insightful but also a testament to the evolving dialogue on the intersection of law and gaming. For more on this transformative conference, check out the conference website.

More Than Just a Game


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