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  • April M Strauss

Attorney Investigation: El Monte RV Data Breach

Date of Data Breach Report to California AG

May 5, 2022

Reporting Business

El Monte RV (“El Monte”)

Date of Breach

January 22-24, 2022

Illegal Activity Reported

According to El Monte RV, some number of El Monte files were taken without authorization

The full notice provided by El Monte RV can be viewed here.

El Monte is offering affected individuals complementary identity monitoring services through Equifax.

For more information about this data breach, click here.

If you are a California resident and received a Recent Notice of Data Breach from El Monte RV, you may be entitled to between $100 and $750 or your actual damages, whichever is greater. Participants in data breach lawsuits can recover damages, injunctive relief (to make sure that the business has reasonable security practices to protect consumer data from being leaked again), and anything else the court concludes is necessary to compensate data breach victims and prevent these harms from reoccurring.

We Can Help You Exercise Your Legal Rights

Experienced data breach and class action attorneys can help you exercise your rights, evaluate your options and decide whether you are entitled to compensation under the CCPA and CCRA. There are no out of pocket costs to you, as we only get paid if we prevail.

For more information on your options, please fill out the following form.

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